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Overtime Night in the 'Burgh

Posted on: February 13, 2010 3:46 am
They should have played the Pens game at 6:00 instead of the regular 7:30 start.  Heck, it has been such an irregular winter month this would not have been any big deal.  And what happend with Pittsburgh sports teams Friday nite?  OT for the Pens and triple-OT for the Panthers - amazing.

Unfortunately, the Pens lost but Pitt managed to pull it out, holding off the #5 Mountaineers in 3 OT's.  Imagine if you had tickets to both, or just wanted to watch both games.  Wouldn't it have been awesome if they had moved the Pens game?  Then no matter which game you attended, you still would have been able to watch the other in its entirety.  Pizza and beer all night long!

Anyway, what happend to the Pens?  I thought the Rangers were slumping?  Well, Pens hanging with the Devils and still could win the division.  Only 20 games left and as long as we don't get hit with any injuries, I don't think we'll finish any lower than 5th in the conference.

And if the Pens had won in OT, coupled with Pitt's OT win, it would be like early Mardi Gras.  I'm sure Oakland partied well into the AM!
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