Posted on: February 13, 2010 3:46 am

Overtime Night in the 'Burgh

They should have played the Pens game at 6:00 instead of the regular 7:30 start.  Heck, it has been such an irregular winter month this would not have been any big deal.  And what happend with Pittsburgh sports teams Friday nite?  OT for the Pens and triple-OT for the Panthers - amazing.

Unfortunately, the Pens lost but Pitt managed to pull it out, holding off the #5 Mountaineers in 3 OT's.  Imagine if you had tickets to both, or just wanted to watch both games.  Wouldn't it have been awesome if they had moved the Pens game?  Then no matter which game you attended, you still would have been able to watch the other in its entirety.  Pizza and beer all night long!

Anyway, what happend to the Pens?  I thought the Rangers were slumping?  Well, Pens hanging with the Devils and still could win the division.  Only 20 games left and as long as we don't get hit with any injuries, I don't think we'll finish any lower than 5th in the conference.

And if the Pens had won in OT, coupled with Pitt's OT win, it would be like early Mardi Gras.  I'm sure Oakland partied well into the AM!
Posted on: January 14, 2010 1:59 am

A Pittsburgh Nite!!!

13JAN10: From Hartford to Oklahoma City to Calgary, Alberta, it was a Pittsburgh nite!  Leading off, Jamie Dixon's undersized underclassmen taking on big, bad, Jim Calhoun and the what now appears to be the over-hyped UCONN Huskies.  With lone senior Jermaine Dixon shooting a poor 3-14, the rest of the team stepped up, out-rebounded the taller Huskies and shot a splendid 85% from the line sending the huskie fans home early.  You should have heard Hilgrove and Groat describe the Exodus from the XL Centre!

Next up: the pride of Schenley High and last year's Beast in the Big East, DeJuan Blair.  Last night, Blair had 2 points and 2 rebounds in seven minutes of playing time.  No doubt, all the trolls out there were probably re-posting their snide remarks from the past couple of months about how Blair was good in college but won't make it against in the bigger NBA.   Well, well, what did #45 do tonite?  He had a Duncan-like double-double with a team leading 28 points and a game leading 21 rebounds!  It's like the torch has been passed from David Robinson to Timmy to DeJuan.

And finally, from the outposts of Western Canada, our flightless birds with their weak powerplay and skittish of late goalie, took on the NW Division leading Calagary Flames and won!  Yep, the Penguins are 2 - 1 on this long road trip.  Fleury stopped 37 of 38 shots and the Pens managed a 3-1 win, thanks to a Bill Guerin powerplay goal.  (Another punch to the trolls who have been claiming how the Western Conference is far superior to the Eastern.  I say they are slightly better because they are deeper, but the top 5 are dead even.)

Way to go Pens!!!!!  Two more out west this week.

But for tonite, yep, a great nite for the crowds at Primanti's.......  Cool
Posted on: December 14, 2009 2:56 am

Dorin Dickerson

I labled him Mr. Touchdown earlier this season because of his TD/reception ratio, but, now, he can proudly claim "All-American" as his title.   120 I-A teams (I'll leave you to do the math for how many players their are), so to come out as an AA is truly special.  And considering he was not the Mackey Award winner, that's just awesome for him to be named to the All-American team,

Will he be drafted or will someone sign him as a free agent?  Peyton Manning would like to have him as a target.  What do you think?

Let's hope Pitt has a home game next year during his off week so he can be honored at half-time.
Posted on: December 13, 2009 5:16 am

Tough Times

Man, first we lose to WVU, then we get dumped on by the hated Raiders and Hated Browns, and then Saturday the Pitt women lose their first game of the season to state penn!!!   Ugh!!!!  I guess it is good that all this bad is happening at once: it means better times ahead!   What do we have to look forward to:
First, a Pitt bowl victory!

Second, a deep run by the Pitt men in the NIT.  I don't think they will get into the NCAA and if they did, it would be one and done.  I would rather see a four, five or even six! game winning streak in the NIT.   More games for the frosh, more practice for the team, etc.  Build for next year's NCAA's.

Third, a deep run in the NCAA tournament by the Pitt women.  The Oakland Zoo will be busy in March!!!

And finally, a really deep run by the Pens for the Cup.  (I hope to be moved back home by then so I can hang outside in front of the big screen at the arena!)   Barring any significant injuries, the Pens look fairly solid.

So we have to take a little bad with the good.  It makes the good time feel that much better.......
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